How Does Anti-Static Resin Flooring Work?

Choosing the right flooring system for your business is more than just a matter of preference or aesthetics. Not all commercial flooring systems have the same performance characteristics, and not... Read More

How Common Are Slip Injuries At Work In The UK?

Slips and trips are one of the main occupational hazards in the UK, and they’re also among the most common causes of workplace injuries. According to recent statistics, nearly a... Read More

6 Benefits Of Hygienic Wall Coverings

  Walls are not just structural elements. In food production, healthcare, and industrial settings, the materials used in walls play an important role in meeting health and safety requirements. In... Read More

How to Select a Food Safe Floor

Source: unspalsh If your factory or warehouse handles food production, beverages, dairy, or brewing vats, you'll want excellent quality, easy-clean, easy-repair flooring in place. Ensuring your underfoot surfaces are as... Read More

Does My Factory Floor Need Repairing or Replacing?

Source: unsplash Although it's long-lasting and hard-wearing, even the best-poured concrete floors will crack, chip, and wear over time. Lifespan varies depending on the floor’s makeup, type, intensity and usage,... Read More

How Slip-Resistant Is A Resin Floor?

Slip resistance is crucial for health and safety and can make the difference between operations that run with efficiency, and those beset by delays and risks. Here’s everything you need... Read More
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