One major issue often associated with resin floors are slip hazards. Although this risk can be greatly reduced by applying a slip-resistant agent to the resin, in areas where water, oil or chemical spills are likely – for instance in workshops, warehouses and food preparation workspaces – the floor surface may become slippery and dangerous to use. To mitigate this risk, regular Floor Slip Testing may become necessary for certain areas. At Central Flooring Services, we provide a rapid response Floor Slip Testing facility for all types of industrial and commercial resin flooring.

How safe is your floor?

In order to ascertain the slip-resistant efficiency of a given floor, you will have to conduct a slip test, in which the area covered by slip-resistant material is exposed to a small amount of fluid under controlled conditions. The results are then compared to the expected level of slip-resistant efficiency, revealing the effects of damage, wear and tear, poor installation and other factors.
The results of your slip test can be used to reduce or manage the risk of various slip hazards – for instance, by applying a slip-resistant coating with a higher coefficient of friction, or laying a new area of resin with a slip-resistant admixture.

Slip testing or surface testing?

While slip testing assesses the level of slip resistance and friction on the flooring under certain conditions, the intention being to improve health and safety for users, surface testing is a traction test that provides data about the resin floor’s slip resistance.

The purpose of surface testing is to identify problems with the floor at an early stage so that the correct system can be applied and money is saved on ineffective maintenance. Our flooring specialists are trained in both slip testing and surface testing for resin flooring, so please get in touch to discuss your needs.

Arrange testing with one of our experts

It is essential that commercial and industrial flooring in certain environments meets the required level of slip resistance in order to guarantee operator safety. Our slip testing service will review the effectiveness of your flooring and identify areas for improvement, if applicable. To arrange a slip testing assessment with one of our resin flooring experts, please call 0116 275 0315, or get in touch through our online contact form.

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