Resin flooring systems are famously tough and hard wearing. Nevertheless, cracks and other damage may sometimes appear, and if so should be addressed promptly. At Central Flooring Services, we offer a comprehensive crack and joint repair service tailored to your needs, as well as flooring inspections and regular servicing.

  • Scheduled servicing and maintenance for all types of resin floor – our flooring specialists can repair light scratches and abrasions before they develop into serious cracks.
  • Durable repair system – using advanced repair products, we carry out seamless repairs in all cracks and tears and guarantee to provide many years’ productive use in your replacement flooring.
  • The repaired floor will be usable again within 12 to 24 hours.

Repair or replace?

Sometimes, the appearance of cracks are a sign of underlying damage to the concrete base or subfloor, in which case a repair will only be a temporary fix. In the case of serious damage, it may be more cost-effective to remove the old flooring and replace it with a completely new resin flooring system, after addressing any weaknesses in the concrete base.

Installing high quality stainless steel kerbs where your flooring system meets walls or pillars will also reduce the vulnerability of your floor to cracks and impact damage. We always recommend repairing a floor where possible, but are mindful of the accumulating long-term costs of repeated repairs. Our engineers are happy to quote you for a new floor, so you can compare lifetime costs and come to the best decision for your business.

Why choose us?

  • Fast repair service to minimise disruption and downtime
  • ISO-accredited service guarantee
  • Long manufacturer’s warranty and after-sales support
  • Quality repair products from industry-leading suppliers
  • Established business with extensive trading experience
  • All locations in the UK covered
  • Our resin flooring contractors are specialists in industrial and commercial resin flooring

Don’t delay – contact our repair team today

If left unchecked, a crack can quickly spread and cause more widespread damage, compromising your flooring and costing more to repair. Our rapid resin flooring crack and joint repair service can identify and resolve damage before it becomes severe, saving you money and extending the lifespan of your floor. To find out more, or to arrange an inspection, please call us now on 0116 275 0315.

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