Why Use Central Flooring For Your Industrial-Grade Food Preparation Floors?

If you’re surfacing a space for industrial-scale cooking, baking, or brewing, you’ll want strong, hygienic, hard-wearing floors. You’ll also want to make sure that it’s has good slip-resistance, abrasion-resistance, doesn’t trap diseases, bacteria, and mould, and can easily take the heat of a working kitchen or manufacturing facility. Industrial-grade polyurethane screeds are a great, solution that can cover a lot of space – fast. All finished PU screeds rate as food-safe for up to ten years. They’re seamless, easy-to-install, and adaptable to almost every space and need.

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What Is Food-Grade Flooring?

Food-grade flooring is any floor that can provide an insulated, friction-heavy, fully-level underfoot surface for regular use in an active catering, storage, or preparation space. Composite polyurethane resin screeds make up the majority of modern food-grade floors. Kitchens, breweries, dairies, and warehouses all use these screeds to enhance usability, longevity, and resistance.

A high quality screed is a healthy protective barrier against bacterial and viral build-up, debris retention, and dangerous long-term cracking and pitting. Each screed offers strong protection against impacts, burns, and chemical spills. Having quality, well-maintained food-grade flooring in place is a legal requirement for UK businesses and manufacturers. You may be liable if you fail to provide safe, hygienic food-grade flooring.

Benefits Of Food-Grade Flooring

  • Affordable, effective, flooring
  • Easy to clean down and wash
  • Different systems can match your exact needs and working risk
  • Consistently impervious and hard wearing
  • High slip resistance
  • Come in a wide range of colours and finishes
  • Won’t warp or melt under high ambient temperatures (up to 120° centigrade)
  • Seamless, impervious installation
  • Flexible and versatile – screeds adapt to different tasks
  • High Chemical resistance
  • Vehicle friendly – loaders, trays, and forklifts can all drive on screeds.
  • Reduces the risk of disease
  • Compatible with demarcations, fixings, drainage, and equipment islands

Why Choose Central Flooring?

Central Flooring is a premier, UK-based installer of epoxy resin and PU screed professional-quality floors. We offer end-to-end flooring services to a diverse range of industrial, architectural, and commercial customers.

We’ve created hundreds of safe, hard-wearing, and hygienic underfoot surfaces for laboratories, factories, restaurants, and many more detail-critical spaces. All our floors come with guaranteed longevity and low maintenance requirements alongside custom-designed. We’ll strive to get you a quote within your agreed budget and project timescale.

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