Like any major project that promises a healthy ROI, it’s important to have an understanding of the costs involved when installing new resin flooring. At Central Flooring, we are often asked about the cost per square metre of resin flooring, but the truth is that there’s not a definitive answer.

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When evaluating the cost of new resin flooring, it’s important to budget accordingly and ensure you select the product most likely to guarantee a durable, long-lasting floor. When planning your new resin floor, it will be helpful to consider these points:

1) What is the surface area of the floor?

Resin flooring is one of the most economical flooring options. Therefore, it is well suited to large surface areas, but the cost can be affected by the thickness of the system. Even the thinnest applications offer considerable strength and durability, but thicker layers are advisable in heavy industrial settings with heavy loads and high levels of traffic. The thicker the floor and the more layers, the more it will cost, but trying to cut corners to keep costs low could backfire if machinery and equipment causes premature wear.

2) What Floor Preparations Are Required?

If the substrate is in poor condition, repair work may be needed before the resin can be applied. This will increase the cost of the installation and the installation time.

3) Which Resin Do I need?

Different resins have different qualities, which may affect the price. For example, MMA cures more quickly than epoxy or polyurethane resins but comes at a higher cost; if you can wait a little longer for an alternative resin to cure, it can reduce your final bill. Also, the cost of the resin will vary if you choose extra features, such as anti-slip coatings, UV protection, or additional sealant. What is most important is to choose a product that meets the needs of your business, without impacting on its longevity or safety.

4) Do I Require Special Colouring Or Designs?

One of the advantages of resin flooring is that is can be supplied in many different colours and designs, which is valuable in public and customer-facing areas where appearance plays a key role in promoting your brand image. Any alteration to colour or design may affect the price, so discuss your plans with your contractor at the outset.

5) Will It Cost More If I am In A Remote Location?

Some resin flooring suppliers charge higher prices if their customers are based a long way from their offices. At Central Flooring, we cover the whole of the UK, so you can be confident of fair and honest prices that reflect the quality of the floors we lay.

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Buyer's Guide To Resin Flooring Text CTA
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