For the sake of your visitors, staff, and legal standing, you should always make sure that every floor surface you own and maintain is safe to walk on.

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If you have any coated concrete flooring, you might think you’re perpetually safe – resin top layers are a superb option for ensuring your walkways and open spaces remain durable, waterproof, and resistant to day-to-day damage. However, all good things must eventually come to an end. Your resin coating is no exception.

Over five to ten years, your resin top layer paint will wear thin through microscopic entropy and wear and tear through use. When the protective resin becomes thinner, damage can cut through to the more vulnerable concrete underneath. Corrosive chemical spills, impacts, explosions, fires, and subsidence can also cause similar effects (albeit on a far shorter timescale).

Abrasion from vehicles trafficking and pedestrians can gradually create potholes, ridges, and dents that all run the risk of causing nasty accidents and falls. Resin damage can also affect the quality of the surface for walking and driving. Floor tilt and stability severely skew when underpinned by uneven coatings, underlying concrete holes, and sharp fault lines. Once your floor starts to show signs of severe decay, it’s time to look at resin repair.

What Is Resin Repair?

Resin repair typically takes one of two forms – spot repair (filling in faults and smoothing over worn areas) or a complete replacement (a standard recoat and repair of all underlying faults and protective covering coatings and screeds).

Matching epoxy resin is applied to the damaged area under stress and levelled out by our trained technicians. This resin fills and sets quickly, replacing the missing area of the floor with a hard substitute. Resin recoating and application can fix holes and dips in both concrete bases and top layers. Localised repairs help to minimise disruption to busy working spaces and high-traffic routes.

Why Is Resin Repair So Important?

As a property owner, you’re legally responsible for ensuring an excellent level of health and safety provision throughout all of your buildings. Floor damage is a leading cause of avoidable physical injury and liability claims against companies. By always keeping your resin floor in top condition, you’ll have a defence against any claims of negligence and a safer working environment overall.

If you’re planning to renovate or apply another resin system to your concrete flooring, you’ll also need comprehensive repairs before either can happen. Wear on either underlying or protective surfaces can easily damage the overall build quality of a new installation. By fixing the cracks with an epoxy resin repair kit, you can ensure that your additions work as intended.

Keeping on top of resin floor maintenance can also extend the working lifespan of your buildings and floor coverings. Replacing poured concrete or entire resin floors is expensive, time-consuming, awkward, and disruptive. By monitoring your resin and concrete floors for signs of decay and repairing issues as they arise, you can save money, time, and fuss in the long run.

Resin Flooring Repair From Central Flooring

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Buyer's Guide To Resin Flooring Text CTA

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