The Importance of Hygienic Resin Flooring in the Food Industry

In these increasingly hygiene-conscious times, it’s critical to keep your workspaces clean and tidy if you deal with food manufacturing, processing, or preparation. While many companies take good care of handwashing, disinfectant, and safety equipment, they often overlook a vital area when it comes to cleanliness – the floor. Inadequate floor coverings can spread illness, become easily damaged by spills, or trap food particles that encourage the spread of bacteria, pests, and viruses.

Why is Flooring a Health and Safety Risk in the Food Industry?

While most food production lines are sensible enough to avoid obvious hygiene risks, bacteria and germs can creep into surfaces you wouldn’t immediately suspect. Uncoated concrete is a particularly overlooked risk.

Concrete is a microporous substance – meaning it contains tiny, microscopic gaps. While these make concrete flexible and malleable as a building material, they also allow it to trap grease, oil, and food flakes.

Microbial infections can easily take root, which can then cross-contaminate work surfaces and meals. Over time, the acidic substances in chemicals can also eat away at the concrete, reducing its lifespan significantly. It’s also easily damaged by rigorous cleaning – overenthusiastic scrubbing and abrasive chemicals can easily create cracks, flakes, and chips.

Concrete can also become a hazard over time if left uncoated. Wear and tear can create ridges, potholes, and cracks – less than ideal if you have staff and equipment moving back and forth rapidly.

How Can I Protect my Food Preparation Spaces?

One solution to deal with these problems is resin flooring. Special anti-bacterial and slip-resistant systems are available, specifically built for heavy use in food handling spaces such as food and drink manufacturing and commercial kitchens. If you can’t find the right type or need to renovate an existing screed, resin flooring can add the same level of protection to your uncoated base.

Covering your concrete with a resin flooring system helps to limit disease growth, make spaces safer, and prolong the life of the concrete surfacing underneath, saving you time, money, and fuss. It’s also cheaper and more hygienic than tiling and quick and easy for your contractors to install.

Epoxy Floor Solutions from Central Flooring

If you need a resin flooring system for a manufacturing facility, cleanroom, or any other highly hygienic space, get in touch with Central Flooring today for a free quote.

Our resin flooring systems are rated to the best slip-resistant and anti-bacterial standards – and they’re easy to clean, too. Our contractors can offer you an ‘all-in-one’ installation service, saving you the hassle and expense of paying for multiple safety treatments for your concrete work floors.

Image source: Pixabay

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