Central flooring services provide high quality sports flooring that has been manufactured to meet EN14904 standards and is durable, resistant to wear and easily maintained. We have been chosen as the sole installers and suppliers of Herculan indoor sports flooring in the UK and Ireland. 

Herculan sports floors are recognised internationally for their unrivalled quality and are hygienic, easily to clean and can be resurfaced quickly and econmically, making it the perfect choice for sports surfaces.

Our polyurethane sports flooring is seamless and highly flexible with a variety of uses. With advanced wear resistance it can be used for general functions, exams and exhibitions as well as a variety of sports such as hockey, badminton, 5-a-side football, basketball and many more.

We provide a wide range of sports floors including:

  • Multi-Functional
  • Roller Hockey
  • Spike Resistant
  • Re-topping
  • Engineered Timber
  • Solid Hardwood
  • Lines and Logo’s

We are approved installers for the highest quality sports floor manufacturers, if you require any more information about the different types of sports flooring systems, please contact us on 0116 275 0315 or via our contact form.

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