At Central Flooring Services, we are committed to providing a bespoke service adaptable to the needs of your business. One of the great advantages of a resin floor is its adaptability to any surface area or room configuration. Once installed over a concrete substrate, your resin floor will provide a hard, seamless surface from wall to wall, with impressive damage resistance and a complete tolerance for steam and cleaning chemicals.

Why do I need a site survey?

Every flooring project can be customised to include decorative designs, brand colours, and specialist floor coatings – including slip-resistant walkways, antistatic coverings, and hygienic areas, and so on. The durability of your flooring depends on the thickness of the resin layer and the kind of resin used.

To help determine the volume of resin and the type of flooring solution you require, and to enable us to provide an accurate quotation, the first step in the process is to conduct a full site survey. This can take place at a time of your convenience to minimise downtime, and is normally completed within a couple of hours, depending on the size of the area you wish to cover.

Conducting a preliminary site survey ensures a seamless resin floor that perfectly fits your budget and suits your requirements. This saves you money long-term on maintenance and repairs, together with the increased productivity that comes with an industrial resin floor. Throughout the survey our experts are available to answer your questions. After the survey is completed, you will be issued with our professional recommendation, along with full technical specifications, a project estimate, and detailed advice and support should you choose to take it to the next stage.

Choosing the right flooring solution for you

Our friendly technical team are happy to assist you with product selection for your next seamless resin floor. With Central Flooring, you can complete your installation with minimal downtime, to ensure your business continues unhindered. The preliminary site survey equips our team with specifications tailored to your project, so that your installation runs smoothly.

Unbeatable value for commercial and industrial flooring

Our resin floor systems are used in a wide range of floors for commercial, industrial and sports applications. For light industrial and commercial floors, our resin flooring systems have an estimated lifespan of 7-10 years, or longer for low traffic and lesser used areas. As a trusted specialist in resin flooring, we work with the market’s leading resin flooring suppliers for a long-lasting, robust finish that provides an excellent return on investment (ROI). Additionally, these resin flooring systems are highly sustainable and offer a low life cycle cost.

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To arrange a site survey or discuss what is involved with one of our flooring specialists, call us now on 0116 275 0315. Alternatively, send us a brief message using our contact form, and one of our operatives will be in touch shortly.

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