Products used: Flowcrete LXP, Flowseal Matt and Flowfresh Cove

FeRFA type: 5

Area: 85m2 Mezzanine Floor

Robert McBride approached Central Flooring Services earlier in 2013 to provide a resin seamless solution on a mezzanine mouth wash area of 85m2. The main issue was the aluminium base that would require covering prior to resin application coupled with holes in the perimeters.

The criteria was simply to provide a seamless easy to clean, hygienic long lasting floor to totally “tank” the area when washing down, also there was only a short space of time, a 6 day window to complete works, with dust control being key the correct precautions were paramount to have in place.

Together with Flowcrete (resin manufacturer) we put together a specification which was the following:

Apply 22mm T&G ply board fixed at 150mm centres into the aluminium deck.

We then applied a small cove skirting to the perimeter to ensure no 90 degree angles were left to collect dirt etc. We then had metal fabricators close up any gaps within the metal surrounds.

Now we had a suitable base to then apply the Flowcrete flexible LXP system including 100mm upstands, finally one coat of polyurethane clear top coat was applied with very fine slip-resistant.

The whole project was completed in 5 days and handed over one day ahead of schedule with the client planning new areas to proceed with early 2014.

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