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It’s a well-worn saying that a warehouse is only as good as its floor, but what does that really mean? This quick guide explores the ways that the right commercial resin floor system can improve efficiency, productivity, and safety. 

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Anti-slip Walkways

Slips and trips at work account for over a third of workplace accidents and are responsible for 20% of employee injuries that result in absences of three days or more. Therefore, the slipperiness of flooring is something that the HSE takes seriously. Part of this is the specification of appropriate flooring, whereby the floor is guaranteed to offer a level of slip-resistance known as its R-Rating. In the case of a warehouse, this needs to be a minimum of R-10. 

Resin flooring can be blended with different materials to adjust the R-rating. As such, risk assessments can be made with complete accuracy, hazards minimised, HSE compliance ensured, and unnecessary employee absences avoided. 

Anti-static Surfaces

The build-up of static charge is a problem wherever there is vibrating machinery, including fans, heaters, refrigeration units, and pipework. When static meets the fumes from forklifts and other vehicles, the result can be both explosive and expensive. As such, surfaces need to be properly grounded so that electric charges are carefully dissipated. 

Resin is made of a dense network of conductive polymers that can be coated with anti-static agents, ensuring the charges are suppressed and safely conducted.    

Hard-wearing Areas for Vehicles

The durability of warehouse and distribution centre flooring can vary significantly. If the flooring is not able to withstand the forces, the weight of lorries and other vehicles can cause surfaces to crack, resulting in a range of negative outcomes. Broken flooring is a trip hazard, can cause structural damage to vehicles and buildings, slows down transport times, and introduces biohazards such as the accumulation of bacteria and viruses. As such, flooring with inadequate durability can leave an unfortunate dent in both productivity and bank balances. 

Resin can be formulated to guarantee high levels of durability, stress tolerance, and strength, ensuring that critical infrastructure doesn’t end up breaking the bank. 

Floor Markings

Whether it’s enforcing a productivity-boosting one-way system, ensuring that vehicles and pedestrians are safely separated, keeping door arcs clear, or keeping stock efficiently delineated, floor markings are central to warehouse and distribution centre organisation. Get floor markings right, and the working space can operate with clockwork precision. Get them wrong, and the result is increased risks, hazards, and inefficiencies. 

Poured resin flooring is available in a variety of colours and can be inlaid with clearly visible markings. As such, warehouse floors can be tailored to enhance operations.   

Next Steps

When it comes to long-term cost-effectiveness, few solutions offer the range of productivity, safety, and efficiency enabling features of resin flooring. To learn more about optimising your warehouse space, get in touch today.    

Buyer's Guide To Resin Flooring Text CTA

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