Installing Resin Flooring Can Save You Money! Here's How

Do you need a low maintenance, easy-care industrial/commercial floor covering that will last for years on end? Do you need to cover pourable, porous surfaces (such as concrete) quickly, efficiently, and at a lower cost than tiling, carpeting, or with wood?

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Resin flooring is an excellent choice to save money, both on installation costs and long-term maintenance. It’s strong, durable, and can be made resistant to chemical spills and high levels of foot and vehicle traffic.

Resin Strength

One of the advantages of using resin flooring is its sheer strength. The resin is hygienic and has good resistance to abrasion. It can also have a high degree of heat and impact resistance, saving costly repairs in the event of damage. The high strength and hygienic qualities it suitable for use in high-wear manufacturing, and foodsafe environments.

Slip Resistant Surfacing

Did you know that resin flooring can be mixed or coated to reduce slips and falls due to lower friction? While the resin flooring can be applied smooth, this can prove dangerous in pedestrian areas that require increased slip resistance. Reducing slips can help prevent accidents and helps ensure compliance with health and safety regulations.

Increased Productivity

One advantage of using coloured resin system is that it makes an ideal factory and workshop floor covering. By applying different sections of the floor in different colours (to standard definitions), you can mark out machining, storage, access, and work areas.

Resin can also be used with top-level demarcations, lines, and stencils. Once the floor is installed, our professional contractors can create layouts similar to road markings. These signs and lines can be used to designate safe boundaries, mark out workspaces, or direct traffic – leading to improved efficiency, health and safety, and productivity in the workplace.

Concrete and Base Material Shielding

By applying a resin flooring system, you can significantly expand the expected lifespan of your underlying materials. Left unguarded, concrete is prone to cracking, eroding, and decay, as the elements and traffic chip away at the exposed surface. This can lead to costly repairs and, eventually, the reinstallation of the entire floor. Installing a resin flooring system as preventive maintenance could save you vast amounts of money over the space of a few years.

Save money with resin floor systems from Central Flooring Services

Central Flooring use a wide range of resin products from leading manufacturers, and offer a bespoke installation service for a variety of commercial spaces. Call or email us today to find out how we could help you get a longer life and higher value from your resin flooring system.

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