How to Choose the Perfect Commercial Resin Flooring for Your Business
Thanks to advances in technology, there are now lots of different options to pick from if you want a resin floor for your company. Resin flooring is adaptable, durable, and can be mixed to suit an extensive range of different environments and spaces. This makes it ideal to use in commercial areas, both front-of-house and back.

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But which is the right type of flooring system for you? Here’s Central Flooring’s quick guide to picking the right commercial epoxy floor for your floors.

The Working Environment

The most important aspect to consider while selecting floor systems is what’s the area is going to be used for.

Is it going to be used in a kitchen or another hygienic, drainable space (such as showers)? Will it take heavy foot and vehicle traffic in a warehouse or lobby? Does it need a decorative finish if it’s part of an architectural installation? Is the floor at risk of corrosive chemical spills or liquid staining?

Different mixes of epoxy and polyurethane resin and various finishes and coating are available to fit every one of these uses. However, you’ll need a clear idea of the rate of traffic, rate of spills and impacts, and level of cleanliness (and regular cleaning) needed before making your choice.

Paintable Materials

It’s essential to match the material underlay to the right type of floor paint. Resin paints can be applied to stick to wood, metal, and concrete – but you need to get the right mixture for their micro-adhesive properties to work properly. Some types and colours of floor paint (decorative especially) aren’t available for certain, more robust materials.

Flooring suppliers and contractors will make this clear, but you do need to plan – particularly if you’re going to be painting an entire building with many different materials. It’s important not to mix and match floor and wall paint, too. Wall paint isn’t typically rated for foot traffic and will scuff, chip, and flake more easily.

Extra Requirements

If you’re working in a factory, workshop, or assembly line, you may need a final layer of demarcation and line painting to finish off your walkways, storage areas, and machine spaces. Make sure you pick resin paint compatible with after-finish layering and stencils – you don’t want vital signs to wear off easily. Many contractors offer factory floor painting and decoration as a combined all-in-one service, saving you the hassle of hiring two separate companies.

Finding a Good Supplier and Contractor

The last step is to pick the right contractor for your floor. Different companies offer different types of services – it’s essential to match your criteria to their specific skills.
Why not consider Central Flooring? We offer a wide range of materials, skills, and finishes as standard, as well as demarcation for factories and businesses. Our all-in-one services use a mix-and-match skillset to build customised flooring, tailored to the precise needs of our clients. Call or email us today for a free quote and to learn more about what we offer.

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