Choosing the right flooring system for your business is more than just a matter of preference or aesthetics. Not all commercial flooring systems have the same performance characteristics, and not all are suited to industrial environments. These settings have specific requirements that require specialised solutions, like anti-static resin flooring.

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How Do Anti-Static Flooring Systems Work?

Anti-static flooring systems are made of materials that stop electrostatic discharge from forming. This discharge appears when there’s an imbalance between the electrical charges of two objects. When an object has too little or too many positive or negative charges and it meets another object, there will be a small electrical discharge.

Anti-static floors are made with materials that inhibit the formation of electrical charges, or that redirect them. The special resin contained in these flooring systems also acts as an electrical path down to the ground, instead of directing electrical charges upwards towards the people walking on them. Moreover, the floor materials do not generate any electrical charge, further reducing the likelihood of experiencing static electricity.

Do You Need An Anti-Static Resin Floor?

Anti-static resin floors are particularly beneficial in settings where special safety precautions are in place. This could be any business where it’s important to eliminate electrostatic discharge, such as warehouses and factories that store, handle or produce flammable substances or chemicals.

This flooring system is also a good solution in settings where electronic goods or parts are manufactured, since a build-up of static electricity could damage those goods. For the same reason, anti-static resin floors are also suitable in venues that rely on specialised electronic equipment. This could include hospitals, airports, or pharmaceutical companies. Outside of these settings, anti-static flooring provides an enhanced level of safety and comfort to staff and visitors in offices, schools and public settings.

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Buyer's Guide To Resin Flooring Text CTA
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