Everything You Need To Know About Hygienic Wall Coatings
High-quality resin wall coatings ensure that surfaces are completely hygienic. Ideal for kitchens, pharmaceutical facilities, and other sterile environments, the benefits include virus resistance, bacterial resistance, and anti-fungal properties. Here’s a quick guide.

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Safety Seal

The surfaces of traditional paints have high levels of porosity. This allows chemicals and bacteria to infiltrate the material, rendering them almost impossible to remove. As such, sterile environments require a non-porous finish. Specially prepared high-quality resin is the ideal solution. Its chemical composition creates an infallible seal, stopping harmful particles from infusing the coating.

Embedded Microbial Treatments

Although claddings themselves might claim to be safe, their environments – such as the background walls – may not be. In areas prone to damp or water damage, problems can still arise when traditional claddings are used. Hygienic resin coatings are infused with anti-fungal and anti-microbial treatments. These counteract staining and discourage mould growth in contact surfaces.

Easy To Clean

Cleaning is always a priority in hygienic environments. Traditional claddings have a range of vulnerabilities that are a barrier to this. Chemical cleaners can degrade tiles and grout, and many claddings are unable to withstand steam cleaning. This reduces their safety over time. High-quality resin wall coatings have a smooth, tough surface that withstands deep cleaning with either steam or chemicals. This ensures their safety and longevity.

Chemical Resistance

Whether it is cleaning chemicals, industrial chemicals, or pharmaceutical chemicals, the walls in many environments become splash zones. These can damage claddings, allowing bacteria and viruses to enter. Infallibly tough, resin-based coatings are hioghly resistant to chemical damage. This keeps both the safety seal and the hygiene grade intact.


Water is the point of origin for the majority of bacteria and fungi. This can transform wall claddings into breeding grounds, especially in areas where there is already an inherent risk of damp. Bacterial and fungal infestations can be almost impossible to remove once they are established. High-grade hygienic resin coatings are entirely waterproof, meaning that the hazard is eliminated before it has a chance to establish itself.

Suitable For Temperature Extremes

The majority of wall claddings have temperature windows. Outside their narrow parameters, they can crack, swell, or warp. This is a particular problem in circumstances such as the loss of electricity to a cold room, or in the oven areas of kitchens. High-quality resin wall coatings have a wide temperature margins. The material retains its physical and hygienic properties, even in environmental extremes.

Easy To Repair And Reseal

Repairing traditional wall claddings can be cumbersome and costly. It can also become uncomfortably routine, especially given their susceptibility to damage from regular cleaning agents, temperature, and light. Hygienic resin wall coatings have an extremely long lifespan. However, should a repair be required, the task can be carried out effortlessly using liquid resin.

Next Steps

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