Our team of flooring specialists at Central Flooring can install bespoke drainage systems in any industrial flooring system. In food preparation environments especially, you need an efficient drainage system that allows easy cleaning and prevents the pooling of water and other fluids on the floor, where they may become a slip hazard.

Hygienic drainage solutions

Our stainless steel drains are manufactured to a high cleanliness standard, with a natural resistance to corrosion, rust and impact damage. The drainage channels can be installed on the outer edge or the centre of your floor, as required. The great advantage of stainless steel drains is the seamless join they form with the resin floor, avoiding cracks and crevices that could lead to the build-up of dirt and germs, and improving the impact resistance of your floor.

Our efficient drainage systems are perfect for kitchens, food factories, laboratories and other environments in which hygiene is of the utmost importance.

We provide:

  • Drainage systems to comply with different regulatory requirements
  • Efficient, low maintenance drainage
  • Bespoke fittings for any room layout
  • Rapid runoff with no build-up of surface water
  • Drainage suitable for all water types, including grey and black water, hot water, and effluents containing caustic and acidic substances

Why choose Central Flooring?

  • ISO certified
  • Independent business with extensive experience serving clients in the industrial and commercial sectors
  • Specialist experience in hygienic flooring and wall coverings
  • Competitive prices
  • Market leading reputation for quality and after sales care

What next?

An efficient drainage system will save you money in repairs and maintenance over the lifetime of your flooring, and prevent many of the most common causes of damage. To find out more about our flooring solutions, give us a call today on 0116 275 0315, or send an email to [email protected]

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