Demarcations and lines provide function and decorative appeal to an industrial or commercial floor. The type of line marking you need for your floor depends on its purpose, and range from walkways, zebra crossings and safety markings, to sports-specific markings in leisure spaces.

At Central Flooring Services, we apply custom markings and demarcations to any industrial floor. This can be a stand-alone project, or included as part of a complete resin floor solution – so just let us know what you require. We are also happy to refresh existing markings – whether originally applied by ourselves or another supplier – and to consult with you on the best design and layout for different functions.

Why choose Central Flooring?

At Central Flooring, we provide an individualised, quality-focused service tailored to our diverse customer base. Our knowledgeable team can consult with you about how to make the most productive and creative use of your space, while providing an excellent user experience for your customers, employees and visitors.

  • All projects catered for
  • Durable marking paints and coatings from industry leading manufacturers
  • Our marking designs are compliant with all health and safety legislation applicable to your industry
  • All sport layouts comply with the standards and requirements set out by the sport’s regulatory body – enabling their use in professional, competitive sports and training events
  • Occupy your space with a range of branded designs and decorations, tailored to colours of your choice
  • Make optimum use of your space by demarcating work and breakout areas, team activity spaces, walkways, exit routes and more

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Get in touch today to discuss your floor lining requirements with one of our team. Our service is fast and effective, allowing you to refresh your existing markings, or install a new marketing layout, with minimal disruption to your business. To find out more, call 0116 275 0315, or use our enquiries form to send us a message.

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