Resin flooring is perfectly adaptable to all commercial environments, providing a long lasting, value for money alternative to carpets, laminates, lino and wooden flooring. Our commercial resin flooring systems can be adapted to fit any premises, of any size, from small retail units to large art galleries and open plan office spaces. Resin floor provides a tough, attractive and seamless flooring surface, without any bumps or variations.

  • Commercial resin flooring is safe for foot traffic, impervious to damp, and resistant to chips, scratches and damage.
  • A resin-based epoxy floor has a longer lifespan than carpeting, vinyl flooring, lino and tiles. The result is non-corrosive, durable, flexible and attractive.

Our combination of highly skilled installers and high quality resin flooring products guarantee a surface you can be proud of in customer facing areas. Each system is custom-formulated from a combination of environmentally friendly epoxides, including polyurethane and epoxy. All our flooring systems have a quality aesthetic finish that retains its freshness and beauty over many years of use, even in high footfall areas.

Our flooring solutions can be easily adapted with hygienic finishes, slip-resistant coatings, antistatic finishes, comfort, and safety coatings to meet the needs of specific areas.

Options include:

  • Liquid vinyl flooring
  • Decorative screeds
  • Comfort floors – combining the robust durability of polyurethane resin with the welcoming, springy sensation underfoot associated with high quality vinyl floors
  • Hygienic coatings for clean rooms and kitchens
  • Decorative coatings – we can configure your floor to any colour or combination of colours, and incorporate decorative patterns and branding into your flooring

Discover the benefits for yourself

As polyurethane resin is highly durable, the longevity of a high quality resin floor can be decades if properly maintained. If you’d like to learn more about epoxy resin flooring and how we can help you create the best and most durable of floors, please get in touch with one of our specialists today.


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