Manufacturing Mezzanine

Products used: Flowshield LXP FeRFA type: 5 Area: 400 m2 Production Mezzanine Central Flooring Services have just completed a 400m2 flexible polyurethane self-smoother project for a manufacturer of skin care... Read More

Warehouse Floor Coating

Products used: Altrotect FeRFA type: 3 Area: 700m2 loading bay Central Flooring Services have just completed a 700m2 epoxy high build floor coating project for a packaging company in Leicestershire.... Read More

Birmingham Airport – Monarch Hangar

Products used: Altroproof solo, Altrotect Plus FeRFA type: 3 Sector: Aviation Area: 12,000 m2 Maintenance Hangar Monarch Airlines have constructed a brand new 12,000m2 maintenance hangar facility large enough to... Read More

Redfields Garden Centre

Products used: Leeson’s, Autumn Gold Resin Bound Aggregate Sector: Retail Area: 1100 m2 Redfeilds Garden Centres have constructed a brand new retail facility with a 1100 m2 area for plants... Read More

Robert McBride

Products used: Flowcrete LXP, Flowseal Matt and Flowfresh Cove FeRFA type: 5 Area: 85m2 Mezzanine Floor Robert McBride approached Central Flooring Services earlier in 2013 to provide a resin seamless... Read More

Nebosh Certification Attained

Central Flooring Services demonstrate they are fully committed to health and safety and training after one of the directors achieved a Distinction in the Nebosh General Certificate in Occupational Health... Read More

Anti Static Flooring for Electronic Assembly

Products used: Flowcrete Peran ESD SL FeRFA type: 5 Area: 350m2 Assembly shop Central Flooring Services have just completed a 350m2 new assembly workshop for a local electronics company. The... Read More