6 Benefits Of Using Food-Grade Polyurethane Flooring

Food-grade polyurethane flooring has many advantages over other floor coverings in your commercial food preparation and handling spaces. It typically has higher temperature and chemical resistance, less prone to harbouring bacteria due to anti-microbial properties, and much more resistant to day-to-day wear and tear. However, there are more benefits to using polyurethane (PU) screeds. Here are six of our favourite strengths of resin flooring.

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1. High Chemical Resistance

If you work in a space that houses acidic or corrosive substances, screeds can stop accidental spills, condensation, and seepage from eating into your floors. Acids struggle to wear down polymers, increasing the lifespan and usability of your screed. Resin is resistant to developing dangerous pitting, cracking, and potholes, making it ideal for manufacturing, catering, and long-term storage. It also protects the concrete underneath, extending the lifespan of your building.

2. Temperature Resistance

The impervious, uniform finish to PU screeds makes them easy to wash down at high temperatures with chemicals. Quick and easy wash downs mean that you can schedule daily cleans, keeping your prep spaces hygienic and free of microscopic bacteria and germs.

3. Long-Lived And Hard-Wearing Floors

PU screeds can last for a very long time – even longer with regular maintenance. With an estimated lifespan of twelve years, screeds represent better value for money and an excellent time-saving flooring option.

4. Hygienic Surfacing Via Seamless Construction

Seams and ridges in sheet flooring often trap debris over time. This build-up leads to bacterial growth and mould – all of which can spread disease. By forming an impervious surface, screed flooring eliminates the risk of ingress and accumulation. Waste can be washed, vacuumed and wiped away with ease.

5. Good Drainage

One added advantage of screeds is that they can fit ‘drainage falls’ in your floor layout. By installing a gentle slope leading to a grated drain cover, enclosed wet areas can help remove excess water from the cleaning process.

6. Slip-Resistance, Wet Or Dry

Screed floors generate a lot of friction through aggregates. This tight grip makes them ideal for taking heavy foot traffic, vehicles, or for use in slippery, high-risk spaces such as wet areas.

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