Products used: Flowcrete Peran ESD SL

FeRFA type: 5

Area: 350m2 Assembly shop

Central Flooring Services have just completed a 350m2 new assembly workshop for a local electronics company.

The specification called for the grinding of the existing concrete followed by the installation of a new anti-static resin flooring system with high durability and aesthetics.

Once the floor had been fully ground and vacuumed all cracks and chips were repaired with an epoxy repair mortar and primed with Peran STC.

Earthing points were then installed with copper strips along the floor surface at pre measured points and channelled under any expansion points so the connection would not be broken once the expansion joints were re-instated.

A layer of Peran ESD conductive primer was applied and then the 2mm Peran ESD conductive resin flooring system, with the expansion joints being cut and sealed.

Once the installation was complete the floor was tested for conductivity by the manufacturer.

The specification was paramount to the client who is using very expensive and sensitive electronic equipment and he was very pleased with the advice, installation service and overall result he got from Central Flooring Services.

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