Do you want to make sure that your industrial resin floor is a success story? Knowing what to look for in a contractor can mean the difference between a gleaming solution and a messy mistake. Here are the most important things to look out for:

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1. Experience

When it comes to ensuring efficiency, quality, and care, nothing is more important than experience. Experienced companies will have fine-tuned their operations over the years. To check for experience, ask for testimonials and an up-to-date portfolio.

2. Extensive Portfolio

Specialist flooring contractors should have a portfolio that reflects the depth and range of their expertise. The ideal catalogue should demonstrate successful projects over a lengthy period, with no unexplained gaps in the company’s output. The best contractors should be willing and able to offer supporting case studies to back up their portfolio.

3. FERFA Membership And Approval

Membership of the Resin Flooring Association (FERFA) is the gold standard for resin flooring contractors. FERFA sets quality standards and best practices for artistry, materials, customer service, and aftersales care. Membership and approval are a strong indication that you will receive the highest quality service from start to finish. You can check whether a company is FERFA approved by using their search portal.

4. Fair Prices

Pricing should reflect a wide range of considerations. These include everything from the quality of the materials to investment in training and development. Companies that care about the quality of their service will be heavily focused on strategies that ensure efficiency, compliance, and customer satisfaction, and this should be demonstrated in the price. Expect the best contractors to ask lots of questions before offering a bespoke quote.

5. Financial Stability

If you are looking to invest in a service that includes a repair and maintenance contract, it is important to select a company with financial staying power. Robust business models and satisfied clients mean that the contractor is proficient in more than just its ability to lay floors. Ask for audited financial statements, and be sure to check that the contractor has appropriate long-term insurance coverage.

6. Transparency

Trustworthy contractors will always have high levels of transparency. Documentary evidence for this includes detailed product information sheets, clear lists of accreditations, a comprehensive portfolio, and freely available testimonials. The more open the contractor is, the more confidence you should have in them.

7. Multiple Client Testimonials

Arguably the most important sources of information are verified references. These will give an independent, non-biased appraisal of the quality of services on offer. It’s a good idea to follow-up written testimonials with a call or email to check their validity. Facebook and LinkedIn can also paint a clear picture of the contractor’s professional record.

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At Central Flooring, we’re confident that our experience, approvals, and transparency speak for themselves, but we invite you to be the judge of that! To ask to see our portfolio, or for any other questions, give us a call.

Buyer's Guide To Resin Flooring Text CTA

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