Fully functional drainage systems are essential to prevent slips, trips, and falls. Having an efficient drainage system is particularly important in commercial or industrial premises, where liquids and spillages need to be quickly cleaned or carried away to prevent accidents and injuries. Not only that but having an efficient drainage system can also lower your operational costs, as it reduces the expenses involved in floor maintenance and repairs.

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Because having an efficient drainage system is so important, you will want to know at which point these systems stop being efficient. In this article, we’ll investigate the warning signs that tell you it’s time to upgrade your drainage system.

1) Increased Slip Injuries

If you notice a spike in the number of slips reported at your workplace, you should take that as a warning sign that deserves investigation. Look at the accident reports to see if there’s a pattern on where and when the slips happened – it might point you to areas where the drainage system is starting to fail.

2) Increased Maintenance Requirements

All drainage systems need maintenance. Some only need it once a year, whereas others may require it every few weeks. These maintenance routines are usually preventative, but if you find yourself arranging corrective maintenance visits often, it may be time to replace your drainage system.

3) Standing Water On The Floor

Standing water that doesn’t come from a spillage incident should be investigated. The water could be the sign of a clogged drainage system or could suggest that the fittings need to be replaced.

4) Mould Build Up

Mould and mildew appear when there’s excess moisture and humidity in the environment. In turn, this excess moisture may be the result of an inadequate drainage system. If you notice mould building up in walls or other parts of your business premises, have your drainage system inspected.

5) Damp Odours

Damp or musty odours are another tell-tale sign of a malfunctioning drainage system. These are often the result of bacterial build-up in drainpipes that get clogged often, or could point at leaks that need to be addressed asap.

In-Floor Drainage Systems From Central Flooring

If you notice any of these warning signs, chances are you need a better floor drainage system. At Central Flooring Services, we specialise in supplying and installing hygienic in-floor drainage systems that comply with health and safety regulations and that will lower your maintenance requirements. Contact us today for personalised advice.

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