4 Vital Services All Epoxy Resin Flooring Suppliers Should Provide

Epoxy resin flooring is a great choice for industrial and commercial spaces that need a smooth, durable, easy-to-clean topcoat that’s low fuss, low cost, and low maintenance. Epoxy paint bases are specially mixed to be directly applicable to most walkable surfaces, made to survive tough wear through their in-built sealant mix. Resin paints are usually resistant to UV and chemical corrosion, too.

However, epoxy flooring suppliers and installers shouldn’t just offer great floor painting to their customers. To create truly excellent epoxy resin flooring that will stand the test of time, a supplier should offer a diverse range of skills and treatments – deluxe finishes, fault repairs, decoration, surface enhancements, and more.

While you can always pay trained craftspeople to provide each service separately, it’s often cheaper and faster to hire a supplier that can offer an ‘all-in-one’ start to finish full epoxy floor installation. True professionals will know how to prepare a space for resin flooring, too – spotting and filling cracks and faults (such as in damaged concrete) that could interfere with the new paintwork.

Here are four key epoxy installation skills that all good-quality painted floor suppliers should offer as standard.

1) Polyurethane Screeds and Coatings

Some work environments require tougher, longer-lasting surfaces than others. Any quality resin flooring supplier should be able to upgrade your floor to a polyurethane screed on request.

Screeds are a tougher, plastic-based variant of resin that offers an extended expected lifespan of 7-12 years and better damage resistance to chipping, staining, acidic substances, and UV. They’re particularly recommended for high-traffic, high spill risk areas such as food production lines and bottling plants. Polyurethane screeds can also be applied on a truly massive scale by painting machines – saving time, money, and physical effort.

2) Crack and Joint Repairs

Epoxy resin paint is a highly adaptable substance – but it does always need a flat, even surface to work properly. Older layers of resin paint can develop deep cracks naturally over time as the surface of the epoxy wears through with elemental exposure. If you’re painting over a large area, you might also need to fill in surface joins between blocks of concrete.

Luckily, the solutions to each issue are relatively simple. Decent resin suppliers should also be able to offer you resin-based expanding sealants, surface primers, and general solid adhesives to fix and join any pits, chips, and scrapes that might ruin your floor.

3) Decorative Coatings

If you’re using epoxy resin to cover a public area such as a lobby or hall, why not apply a decorative finish to make your indoor space look amazing? Epoxy resin suppliers often specialize in providing marbled, matte, and mirror reflective surface finishes that add expected lifespan as well as a superb aesthetic to shared spaces.

4) Demarcations and Lines

Epoxy resin paint is frequently used in factories, assembly lines, warehouses, and workshops to provide a safe and hard-wearing surface for staff and light vehicle use. These spaces use symbols, industry-standard set color codes, and lines to denote different types of work and storage spaces, create safe walkways and barriers around traffic and machinery, and to direct traffic around the building (including to emergency exits).

It’s therefore essential that any resin floorer working in industrial spaces knows their color codes – as well as how to create after-finish stencils and markings (particularly straight lines and lettering). Getting paint demarcations wrong can result in confusion, expensive repaints, and (at worst) health and safety issues.

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Image source: Pixabay